xpose web frontend

Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2008 Mark Hämmerling.

About xpose:
This is the web frontend to xpose, the friendly guitar chords transposer. The backend is a little Perl script which tries to transpose a song which includes chords you are not be able to play (yet). This is a nice possibility for beginners to play various songs which they could not play in the pitch they are noted in books or in the web. Of course we cannot transform every song to a playable pitch, but I invite you to try it at least.
Just cut and paste the chords text into the text area and enter a list of forbidden chords into the input field at the bottom. Xpose will then try to transform the song until it contains no more forbidden chords. Good luck!

Chords: Paste your chords into this text area. Preferred format is ChordsPro, but simple text is also possible (but hard to recognize by the script).
Chords format: Chords Pro (recommended) unformatted text (recognition will often fail!)
Output: first match first and all alternative matches
Forbidden chords: (base chords, separated with spaces, e.g. "C# D# B F#m Gm Bbm"):
Note: When submitting this form you will receive a cookie with the list of your forbidden chords. This feature is for your convenience only. No more data is stored.